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DREAM ACADEMY Workshop Contract Guideline

※Please make sure to verify it before the application.

The Dream Academy, represented by Yumenoshin Matsukaze, (below as “our school”) provides workshop services for experience in Wadaiko(Japanese Drum), Shamisen(Japanese Guitar), Shinobue(Japanese Flute), Koto(Japanese Harp) and Combination Pack(including distributor, broker, and online sales). When using the services and the payment obligation is resulted, the customer, individual or juridical person(below as “the client”) may conclude the contract related to the application, that is determined by the articles 1 to 9 below and must follow as it is prescribed.
The items that are not prescribed in the guideline should be in accords to the law and the general customs. Please use our services after reading the whole contents.

Article 1: Application Conditions
  1. Children up to 12 years old must have be accompanied to their parents?
  2. People up to 18 years must have their parent’s agreement?
  3. If there’s any evidences that the participant is related to criminal organizations or any kind of violence gangs, we’ll refuse the application?
  4. If the participant causes any inconvenience to other guests or we judge it as a disturb to the group collective work, we may refuse the participation?
  5. In case of any other act we consider inappropriate we may refuse the participation as well?
  6. If the number of participants reaches the number of applicants in the event day, we may refuse the participation of additional participants. But we may also accept additional participation if possible, by an additional fee.
Article 2: About the difference to the publication contents

We consider the client, when applying, is aware of the following:

  1. The workshop contents and pictures that are on the homepage are for illustrative purposes and it may vary from the actual workshop.
  2. The contents on the homepage and information magazines may have some differences depending on the date.
  3. The date on the homepage and information magazines are not a guarantee of conduct.
  4. The workshop contents may have some alteration for various circumstances.
  5. The time and price on the homepage and information magazines are for reference purpose and they may vary according to the situation.
Article 3: About the workshop venue

Our school provides the workshop venue according to the desired date in the Tokyo area.
(We also accept consultation for other areas, including overseas)

Article 4: About the reservation confirmation, payment, cancellation and alteration

Definition of “reservation confirmation”
After making an estimate according to the client’s demands, the client should verify it (also verify the costs to conduct, cancellation policy, payment method and deadline)and apply.
That application means that the reservation was confirmed.
When the reservation is confirmed, the following policies apply.

  1. After the confirmation was reserved and there was a cancellation due to the client’s circumstances(work, familiar, health reasons) after the specified date, the client must pay the cancellation fee.
  2. For alteration in number of people, date or any other contents of usage (venue, facilities,course, options, etc) there is an additional fee.
  3. In case of cancel without notice or when the payment is not concluded until the settlement date, the workshop will be canceled and the client must pay the predetermined cancellation fee. So in case of delay, please be sure to contact us previously.
Article 5: Payment Method

The payment should be realized until the settlement day established by our school and the client.
(It may be different for payments through distributors or brokers)
The client can choose between the three payment methods below.

  1. Bank transfer (must pay taxes)
  2. Credit card (Must pay taxes of 4%)
  3. PayPal (must pay taxes of 4%)
Article 6: Disclaimer of cancel or alteration after the payment
  1. We can’t refund the money after the payment was realized due to cancel by the client’s circumstances (work, familiar or healthy reasons).
  2. We also can’t refund the money for cancels due to the venue’s circumstances, weather, or public transportation disorder.
  3. We can refund the money only when the course that was planned can’t be conducted by our school’s circumstances and the alternative plans don’t match to the client’s schedule.
Article 7: About the meeting time, clothes, valuables and prohibited acts
  1. Meeting time and alteration
    The client can’t use the service before the meeting time due to the preparations and for security reasons.
    We also can’t take the responsibility for the duration time reduction due to delays so please come with time to spare.
  2. About the valuables and the cloth
    Please come with clothes that are easy to move and may get dirty.
    Accessories may get damaged and cause injuries so please take them off when joining the workshop.
    The valuables should be managed by the clients themselves. We can’t take the responsibility for steals, losses or damages.
  3. prohibited acts in the workshop
    • (1) Any act that violates the law, the public order or this guideline.
    • (2) Acts that imply, induce, encourage, or recommend illegal acts, criminal acts, or antisocial acts.
    • (3) Acts that violate the property, trust, honor, or privacy of our school or third parties.
    • (4) Reselling or providing our school’s plan to third parties for commercial purposes without permission.
    • (5) Act of not paying the participation fee or the cancellation fee.
    • (6) Acts that violate the important notes established by each venue.
    • (7) Any other act that our school judges inappropriate.

We may refuse the participation of the client that do some of the 7 items above.
When the instructor judges the participant have done any of the acts above, the workshop will be interrupted and the client must leave the venue.
In that case there’s no refund.

Article 8: Disclaimer about accidents

Our school can’t take the responsibility for accidents, injuries or damages that may happen in the workshop.
In case that a private settlement is needed due to a trouble of injury or damage, the client must move by their responsibility.
In case of disease that may be contagious, please refrain from joining the workshop.
For any other situations related to the health condition, the client should participate with their own judgement and responsibility.
For security reasons, please listen to the instructor’s instructions during the workshop. The workshop may be interrupted if the instructions are not followed. There is no refund of money in that case.
If any instrument or facility gets damaged due to a client’s deliberate act, the client must reimburse the actual cost.
Also if our school inevitably have to bear damages to a third party due to the client’s actions, or if our school suffers damage, we may demand the reparation fee to the client.

Article 9: Handling of personal information

The personal information on the client's application form will be used for contact when applying or canceling the workshop.
However, the personal information may be disclosed in the following cases.

  1. When the client has consented to the disclosure of the personal information
  2. When the disclosure is required by law.
  3. When our school discloses the statistical information, collected for analyze and optimize the service (information that cannot identify an individual)
  4. We may send the pictures and movie of the workshop to the client after it finishes.
  5. When there’s a demand from the client only, we may send information related to the regular classes or to the next workshop.
  6. We might use the pictures or movies taken in the workshop day in our affairs (includes publication in pamphlets and our website). If there’s a problem in using the pictures, please contact us in advance.
  7. On the day of the workshop, the press, such as television, newspaper or internet site may come and the state of the workshop. If there’s a problem, please contact us in advance.

I read and agree to all the 9 articles above.

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